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Our Commitment to the Planet

@Dear Guests 
Princess Hotels & Resorts has implemented an Environmental Management System in all our Hotels. 

Your collaboration in the classification of waste and the rational use of resources such as electricity and water are of vital importance for the health of our planet. 
Thank you very much for your collaboration. 

Selective waste separation in the bedroom: 

1- Bedroom Waste Bin: Please only use for paper/cardboard without organic waste and plastics/tin cans.  
2- Bathroom Waste Bin: Waste that cannot be recycled (Cloths, organic waste paper with organic waste, sanitary towels, etc.).  
3- Glass bottles: please leave them next to the waste bin in the bedroom. The cleaning staff will proceed to remove them duly classified to hand them over to an Authorised Waste Manager. 

Waste such as Batteries can be deposited in the container provided for this purpose in the Hotel''s HalI. If you wish to dispose of small electrical appliances, please hand them in at reception. 

Selective separation of waste in common areas: Deposit the waste in the containers according to their characteristics. 

Princess Hotels & Resorts has implanted an Environmental Management System in all our Hotels. 

Your oooperation in waste classification and rational use of resources as electricity and water are vital for the health of our planet. Thank you very much far your cooperation.