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Rules on Health and Safety in the Pool Area
  • Material about sun protection:

Protect your skin from sun´s rays. You should use sun protection cream over SPF 30, this should be aplplied 20 minutes before going out into the sun, and should be reapplied every 3 or 4 hours all over. Avoid the hours when the sun is at its hottest 12:00-16:00 pm

  • Prevention of Drowning:

Drowning is normally produced by the users ignoring the safety instructions or not respecting the rules about acclimatization before bathing. 

  • Prevention of head and spinal cord injuries:

These types of injury are caused by diving, accidental falls or jumping into the water. These injuries tend to have serious consequences. Please follow the Lifeguards instructio''s. Please read the swimming pool rules. 

  • Music

For the well-being of all our guests, the use of personal speakers in the pool area and sunbeds is not allowed.

  • Others rules

For safety and to maintain the quality of the water in the swimming pool in perfect conditions, drinking or smoking is not allowed inside the pool or sitting on the edge. For hygiene reasons, please do not use the glasses to throw away the cigarette ends. Please use the ashtrays provided.