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Recommendations and Guidelines

Dress code

We would like to thank our clients for respecting the dress code. In restaurants, bars, reception, hall and other common areas guests are requested to not be in bikinis, swimsuit or bare-chested. Please also always wear footwear.

To us your evening meal is a special occasion, and for this we do ask you to dress accordingly for the occasion:

Gentlemen: During dinner you can access our restaurants in dress shorts. Sports shorts will not be allowed. For the Christmas and New Year''s Eve Gala dinners, long pants combined with a jacket or tie is mandatory.

Ladies: elegant dress 

We would appreciate your good taste 


  • We ask that you please, take care of our fixtures and fittings , furniture and furnishings, treat them with respect.
  • Take special care during your first few days of sun exposure.
  • Respect the rest hours of other guests and do not make noise in the corridors and in the rooms.
  • Do not put loud music on in the rooms after 10:00 P.M.
  • Respect the rules and regulations in swimming pool and other areas, for the welfare and health and safety of all.
  • Please use the safe for your valuables


We would appreciate you advise the Reception in case of anything or anyone you consider to be suspicious in the hotel.

Read through the evacuation instructions and note the placing of the alarm buttons. See the evacuation instructions indicated next to the door of your room.

In case of fire, we have two meeting points:

  • One outside the main hotel entrance and exit.
  • And one outside of the hotel at the exit to the Seafront Walkway.
  • If the escape routes are blocked, lock yourself in your room until the evacuation team arrives.
  • If the alarm bell sounds, do not take your luggage.
  • Respect fire safety regulations and other rules and regulations, for a good co existence with other guests and staff.
  • Fires are not permitted in the rooms or other areas within the hotel.
  • Do not cover the lamps with fabric, newspapers or magazines.
  • Our Hotel is a non-smoking hotel. According to current Spanish Legislation, Guests are not allowed to smoke either in the rooms or on the balconies or terraces of the same.
  • Smoking will only be allowed in open external areas, enabled for that purpose. We appreciate your collaboration to comply with the current regulations.
  • In the areas designated for smoking, do not throw cigarette butts in the rubbish bins with the trash, please use the ashtrays.
  • Our hotel has means of detection and extinction of fires for your safety, respect them.
  • Do not leave the doors of your room open. Close the doors of your room and the balcony every time you leave.
  • Due to safety regulations, and to avoid accidents the use of glasses and / or glass containers in the pool and its surroundings will not be allowed.
  • Respect the fire safety regulations and others in general, and the NO use in the room of unathorised electrical appliances, fires and others.
  • We have a surveillance service inside and outside the hotel.
  • Only Kettles, shavers, hair dryers, mobile phone chargers, tablets or computers are allowed. For any other device you must request authorization from the Management.
  • The bracelet that was given to you on arrival is solely and exclusively for your personal use. It is registered with your name, surname, room number and reservation. Keep it safely, since with it you can not only open your room or the exit to the beach, but it also serves to carry out your consumption charges and digital identification in the different bars and restaurants of the hotel, since it works as a credit card inside the Hotel. Inform the reception immediately in case of loss.
  • BALCONING, jumping between balconies and or from the balcony or any elevated place into the pool, are totally prohibited actions in the hotel. If such behaviour is detected or similar behaviors, that put your life and that of other guests at risk, the hotel reserves the right to ask you to leave as well as of admission and such acts may be reported to the police.