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All Inclusive

Restaurant service

The all inclusive service included at lunch and dinner is a selection of wines from the "Torres" range by the glass (Dry White or Semi dry, Rose and Red), Water Beer and softdrinks.

Bar Service 

We offer our guests on all inclusive our Premium Drinks between 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., within the different hours of each bar, at the bar or with a waiter service.

Likewise, please take into account the following requirements:

  • The opening times of the different bars and restaurants may vary according to the season.
  • The bracelet identifies you as a hotel guest and therefore it is necessary to always wear it and show it in bars and restaurants when you order. In the event that your bracelet is broken, please return it to the reception so that we replace it with a new one.
  • Please be very careful with the bracelet and report immediately in case of loss.
  • Due to Health and Safety regulations the use of glasses or glass jugs is prohibited in the pool and its surronding areas
  • According to current Spanish legislation, alcoholic beverages can only be served to guests over 18 years
  • Only one drink per person is served in each order.
  • In the All Inclusive service you cannot invite other guests who are not in the all-inclusive regime in the case that if you wish to invite other guests you can charge it to your room account or pay with credit card.
  •  Specialist drinks carry a supplement.

 We also would like to remind you that on your departure day that you should hand in your bracelet before leaving.

Our greatest satisfaction is having a happy and satisfied guest with the services that both the Hotel and our staff offer you. Therefore, we appreciate that you take these guidelines into consideration so that your stay is memorable and our staff can offer all our guests an exquisite service.