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Please Save Water by following this advice:

  • Towel on the floor: “Please change it”
  • Towel on the towel rack: “I''ll use it again”
  • Hotel swimming pool towels: For the good of the environment it is your decision to change them or to use them one more day.

For ecological reasons we try to make awareness of the need of water savings. Simple measures such as turning the tap while showering or brushing your teeth do a lot to save water.


  • In the Room: Remember to remove the room key from the card switch to save  electricity.
  • Air conditioning: Remember that it will not work while the door to the terrace or  balcony is open.

Simple measures such as turning off the lights that are not necessary and raising the temperature of the thermostat help us to save electricity and reduce our environmental impact.

The Hotel contributes with the recycling of: Paper, Plastic, Glass and Organic waste.
For this, the hotel has 4 different coloured types of bins:

  • BLUE: Paper
  • YELLOW: Plastic
  • GREEN: Glass
  • GREY: Organic waste

If you have special waste such as batteries, medical injectables, medicines or others please contact reception to manage them correctly.

You can find the hotel''s Sustainability Report with all the measures taken on the Princess website:

Sustainable Hotels