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This park is one of the most emblematic symbols of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Strolling among its exotic flowers, discovering hidden sculptures among the trees and enjoying the sun''s rays slipping through the dense vegetation is something they can''t tell you, you have to live it.

With an area of 67,230 square meters, García Sanabria Park has many sculptures of great artistic value, some of them from the I International Exhibition of Sculptures in the Street, by authors such as Pablo Serrano and José Guinovart, busts of illustrious characters of this city, and numerous tropical trees and plants.

In the center of the park stands the Monument to García Sanabria (1938), an expressionist work by sculptor Francisco Borges Salas and designed by the architect Marrero Regalado;

Next to this structure is "Fecundity", the work of the said sculptor.

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